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In every industry, big or small, electrical power supply The dsine range, a new generation of MCCBs, is a is critical. Even a few seconds of interruption or combination of state-of-the-art design and modern instability can result in huge financial losses, even loss user-friendly features. It also boasts a wide choice of of life. We have little or no control over the nature or protective releases, ergonomics, aesthetics and compactness. The range, designed to meet the stability of power supply. The unpredictable nature of changing needs of users after extensive analysis and power makes it important to take appropriate steps user feedback, can satisfy the most demanding for the protection and safety of your organisation’s system requirements. employees and equipment.

Molded Case Circuit Breaker (MCCB) is a circuit breaker and trip device assembled in a mould case. The case functions as both an outer wrapper and to retain in proper position the breaker’s internal components. Theses cases are made from various types of electrical insulating and fire retardant plastic. MCCB can automatically cut off electric power in case of overload and short circuit. It is meant for higher rated current and is commonly used in Industrial applications.

Do you strain to find a high quality circuit breaker that is simple, flexible, and safe.Have tight project budgets restricted you from choosing the best technology products.A power monitoring unit enhances their invariably impeccable protective functions. For the first time, users can monitor both energy and power, offering new performance in a remarkably compact device.

GE MCCB LM400B(400) is used to protect an electrical circuit from damage if current is more than 400A. Similar MCCBs can be found in other brands like Siemens, ABB, L&T, BCH, Havells, Schneider etc. KMIC deals in all kinds of electrical goods including, but not limited to, switchgears - contactors, overload relays, circuit breaker, switches, fuses, changeovers etc, carbon brushes, electric motors, wires and cables from all leading brands.We also export switchgears to different countries including Oman, Nepal etc.

With the help of our sourcing agents, we are able to offer our esteemed customers ABB Switchgears. The offered ABB Switchgears are designed and developed as per international standards by the professionals of our vendors.We are distinguished distributers with an explicit range of quality, strength and power saving characteristics of the Electrical components and Systems without doubt. Not that we are boasting, but our company is quite a favourite because of the top notch line of products we offer.These are highly mechanical items that are made with the most developed outline designing and simulation devices.

Orbit cables are unification of quality raw materials and the latest technology. We provide efficient cables and wires for modern day use by utilizing time tested technical expertise, experience and qualified professionals. We are equipped with international standard machinery due to which our products are cost effective and reliable.

  • Industrial Circuit Protection

The LV components division of C&S electric supplies a comprehensive range of switchgear and controlgear components.However, today C&S Electric is a major investor in R&D for new generation circuit breakers and contactors.The standards of quality are keeping in line with the basic values of C&S where product quality speaks for itself. It is the result of this that C&S products find favor with customers like the worlds largest manufacturer of wind turbines, the largest American locomotive producer, the top drives manufacturer in the world, and the world’s largest elevator company, amongst others.

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