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MENNEKES is a leading manufacturer of standardised industrial plugs and sockets with subsidiaries and agencies in over 90 countries. A long term relationship with installers, wholesalers and industry has moulded the company's development. The first subsidiary abroad was MENNEKES Electric Limited in Orpington, founded in 1987 by Bob Wheeler and Walter Mennekes. The company has since continued to grow in the UK market due to the reliability of their products and services.

Scame produces over 10,000 products. These include a wide range of components and systems for electrical installations, suitable for industrial and non-industrial purposes and are widely successful in the Italian market due to the reliability and quality We stock a broad range of Industrial Plugs and Sockets to suit every need. Through Scame Electrical Solutions Australia Pty Limited, HPP is the exclusive distributor for Scame Electrical Solutions S.p.A., which is based in Italy. Scame Plugs and Sockets range comprises over 2,100 varieties in two mutually compatible series.

The Power Cables are used under ground as well as over head transmission of power in power plants, industries, projects and all other electrical installations. Different combinations such as Aluminum, Copper conductors, round solid conductor, stranded conductors, sector shaped conductors, taped inner sheath, extruded inner sheath, Round steel and aluminum wire / Flat galvanised steel strip Armored/ unarmored, single /double outer sheathed etc are available. Types of insulation include PVC, HR PVC. The inner & outer sheaths can be PVC, HR PVC, FRLS, HR-FRLS or FR depending upon the application and requirement of customers.

By means of process similar to the vulcanization of rubber the polyethylene molecules can be cross-linked. The process of cross-linking or vulcanization consists of producing chemical bonds at interval between the long molecular chain to give a “ladder” effect which prevents slippage between molecules. As a result of cross-linking the material becomes heat resistant and does not soften at higher temperatures. Further it has better resistance to stress cracking and good resistance to ageing in hot air. With the change of structure there is no adverse effect on electrical properties.

Orbit cables are unification of quality raw materials and the latest technology. We provide efficient cables and wires for modern day use by utilizing time tested technical expertise, experience and qualified professionals. We are equipped with international standard machinery due to which our products are cost effective and reliable.

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