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With 4 decades of experience, avonplast is today a leader in Rigid PVC water pipes and the Electrical conduits. With over 10,000 Mt annual production capacity avonplast has a significant presence in the Indian market. Unplasticised PVC Pipes today needs no introduction being one of the most ubiquitous piping systems, which is cost effective and improves the reliability of pipeline installations
We manufacture of all uPVC components in house, in our state of the art manufacturing facilities at Bangalore, India. Also the largest manufacturing unit of PVC water Pipes in the state of Karnataka with a capability to manufacture wide range of PVC pipes.
The company manufactures PVC electrical conduit pipe ranging from 16mm to 63mm conforming to IS: 9537 Part III with fittings for domestic and Industrial wiring in the Brand Name of Bajajplast.
We are the first and foremost manufacturer of rigid PVC Pipes in the state of Karnataka, with the most modern manufacturing technique and coupled with the strictest quality control. Avonplast PVC Pipes come in a complete range of ISI marked rigid PVC Pipes for potable water supply.

  • Specialist in water management

A name that has been renowned for its outstanding quality for Rigid PVC Conduit pipe. Our experience in manufacturing pipes has earned us the name of being one of the best products in its field unparalleled in terms of quality and service. Our unwavering dedication to satisfying our clients desire and needs goes deep into all aspects of our existence.
We are committed to enabling a perfect product that adds a lot of value to life itself.
This we do by looking at things innovatively whilst adhering to quality of the highest standards. Throughout the production, in accordance with its quality principles, the product is governed by strict technological inspections to ensure that the Indian standards are adhered to.Using cutting edge technology and machinery, we design these products as per the Bureau of Indian standards. Our pipes are known for their strength, low maintenance, cost effect, etc.

Precision Round Conduit & Fittings are manufactured from a specially formulated unplasticised polyvinyl chloride (UPVC) to meet the most stringent Indian and International standards. Our products are made of Extra Super High Impact materials which make them safe to use in harsh environments. The products are manufactured in accordance with IS: 9537 Part 3, BS: EN 61386 - 21 for UPVC conduits, IS: 3419 and BS: 4607 for UPVC fittings.
Channelising Concealed & Surface wiring , Telecommunication & Cable ducting.
Various diameters & grades
Low, medium & heavy mechanical stress, to suit various applications & site conditions
Easy & fast installation
Wide range of component maximises application
Durable & impact resistant
Fire retardant
Corrosion free
Thermal resistant from -5˚C to +60˚C. Precision circular boxes & adaptable boxes are provided with M4 brass insert with a load suspension capacity of 3 Kgs at 60˚C.

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