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Armoured cables are generally used for underground wiring. However, even buildings are now installed with permanent armoured wires which are buried in the ground or exposed. Available in single and multi-conductor cables, armoured cable are power cables which comprise of two or more electric conductors which are enveloped in a protective sheath. The cable derives its name from its protective nature and allows better electric transmission with lesser risks involved.
The significance of armoured cables lies in its construction. Each and every component plays a significant role in energy transmission. The conducting wires which are mostly made of copper offer superior conductivity. The cross-linked polyethylene insulation enveloped in wires allows better energy transmission by preventing external alterations. The Polyvinyl Chloride bedding in which the insulated wires rests, acts as a barrier separating the inner and outer layers of the cables. The steel armour in armoured cables provides automatic protection against unforgiving environments.

Havells is India’s largest manufacturer of cables and wires. We offer a range of industrial cables including Multicore Cables, Low Voltage and High Voltage cables, EHV capable, Extra High Voltage Cables, etc. These cables are safe, reliable, fire retardant, fire resistant, lead-free halogen free, and manufactured under eco-friendly norms.
We are offering Havells Armored Cable that are extensively used in various industry applications. Owing to its quality and performance, this cable is highly suitable for open and concealed wiring & finds usage in cable troughs and ventilated cable ways. These ensure safe and reliable transmission of voice, video and data.

Light Duty Cables:
Finolex Cables is the market leader in Electrical wires. With superior quality and customer validated trouble free performance validation, Finolex’s range of FR PVC Insulated Industrial Cables is the number one choice in the market since last 50 years.
Power & Control Cables: In view to meet rising demand of infrastructure needs Finolex Cables has been manufacturing 1.1KV Aluminium / Copper conductor with PVC & XLPE insulation more than 3 decades. This manufacturing plant is equipped with latest state of the art modern machinery to offer quality product at competitive prices.
Finolex is always been attentive in fulfilling the needs of its customer. As a result of this, Finolex has recently started manufacturing High Voltage Power Cables upto 66KV.This manufacturing plant is also equipped with latest state of the art, ultra-modern machinery to manufacture best quality of cables.
Communication Cables: Finolex offers a complete range of Communication cables. This includes Co-axial Cables, LAN Cables & components, Structured Cabling systems, Telephone & Switchboard Cables, Optic Fibre Cables, Jelly Filled Telephone Cables etc. Characteristics:-
• Normal working temperature -20°C to 70°C.
• High working temperature -20°C to 90°C
• Working voltage grade 1100 Volts
• Test voltage 3000 Volts
• Good resistance to thermal shock
• Available in various colors.

KEI Industries Limited is a leading player in the power cable segment and is one of the most respected cable manufacturing companies in India. KEI manufactures high and low tension cables (EHV, HT & LT), control and instr umentation cables, house wires and stainless steel wires. It is one of the select companies in the countr y to manufacture speciality cables including braided cables, fire sur vival, Zero halogen cables, Shipwiring cables and Flexible mining cables.
Established in 1968, KEI has built up it's leadership position over a period of five decades with a customer -focused approach and a continous quest for world-class quality . Suppor ted by an efficient marketing and distribution network KEI has a reputation for strong customer suppor t. KEI also has a substantial inter national presence with a global spread of clients spreading across 35 countries

Orbit Wires & Cables is an industry started way back in 1996 as a Cables manufacturing industry and has very successfully completed the journey of 16 years. Orbit Wires & Cables have been instrumental in creating reliable and quality tested products in India.
Orbit Cables has a very good warehousing and physical distribution with a warehousing space in Haridwar (UttaraKhand), Chennai (Tamil Nadu), New Delhi (New Delhi), Hyderabad (Andhra Pradesh), Bengaluru (Karnataka), Indore (Madhya Pradesh), and few more states which caters to all its product needs.
Orbit cables are unification of quality raw materials and the latest technology. We provide efficient cables and wires for modern day use by utilizing time tested technical expertise, experience and qualified professionals. We are equipped with international standard machinery due to which our products are cost effective and reliable.
ORBIT Cables to be amongst the Top 5 progressive companies in our sector ensuring that we will remain as Qualitative Outperformers year on year.
ORBIT Cables Promoters would elevate itself from a family run business to a professionally run organization & will be recognized as the best managed manufacturing unit for qualitative products.
ORBIT Cables will encourage, support, empower and enable atleast 10 budding entrepreneurs by devoting atleast 1% of our annual turnover towards their training and upgradation.
ORBIT Cables shall be known for continually upgrading their systems, services and processes by constant innovation and best use of technology thus having a competitive edge.
ORBIT Cables fund small-scale industries and support all those who want to start their own venture as a Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR).

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