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About Us

Company Overview

Where accuracy and precision are matters of high importance, our company pitches in with high quality products for industrial and scientific purposes. We trade in electronic automation products of popular brands like Autonics, OMROR, Hanyongnux, etc.
Our company focuses on providing end-to-end solutions to our clients with value added services starting from installation to training and continued maintenance. With a vision to be future ready, we have started venturing into automation and automatic electronic appliance supplies with the help of a globally connected network.
We have achieved a repute and recognition in the industry with undeterred adherence to quality standards. Our company employees highly motivated and proactive employees who walk the extra mile to serve customers.

Vision & Mission


To be a top contender in the industry of automated electronics supply through adherence to high quality standards driven by motivation of employees and top leadership.


Our mission is to constantly achieve and stay ahead of industry benchmarks in automated solutions by putting into application our expertise and experience. To achieve that, continuous training and improvement will be affected in all areas of operations. From procurement to supply, the entire business process will be subject to rigid quality standards that will establish a strong repute for the brand in the market.

Our Policy

Our company recognizesquality as a crucial element for long-term success. We make no compromise in supplying top-notch quality products to our customers. To ensure high quality service at all levels of operations we developed and educated our employees with a quality policy that focusses on:

    Placing customer’s needs and demands ahead of every other business motive
    Foster best practices in trade through continuous improvement and innovation
    Secure and maintain all quality certifications and accreditations as demanded by statute or otherwise
    Evaluate business progress and employee performance by integrating quality assurance as a deciding factor in Key Performance Indicators (KPI)

Industry we server

We are market leaders in providing state-of-the-art electronic equipment and panel board systems to a wide range of heavy-duty industries. Our products are built to last and are procured from global suppliers who are renowned for their hallmark quality of products. The exhaustive list of industries we serve includes:
Manufacturing – Indoor lighting, outdoor lighting, fuses, electrical panel boards, conduit pipes, cable lugs and a variety of other heavy-duty electronic products
Commercial – special electronic equipment and products for civil construction, private properties, residential houses, public building and much more.
Healthcare – High-end electronic products of popular brands like Autonics, OMROR, etc.

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    Navkar International
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  •   +91 44 4500 2313
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  • navkarinte@yahoo.co.in

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